La Societe Guernesiaise Astronomy Section

Most of my astronomy outreach is through my local astronomical society, of which I have been a member for the last 5 years. I’ve held multiple positions on the Council, including Editor and been active with outreach for the last few years. It has been an amazing way to meet incredibly a diverse group of people with a range of experiences, including some retired professional astronomers, who have inspired me to pursue astronomy professionally. One of my mentors, who nominated me for Fellowship of the Royal Astronomical Society, was David Le Conte, who amongst his many achievments took the only photo of the Apollo 10 TLI burn. He was also the Executive Director of the Smithsonian Institution’s Research Foundation in Washington DC for a number of years.

Below is an incomplete list of the kinds of outreach and promotion I have done with the Astronomy Section.




I love giving talks and help make astonomy more accessible for everyone, so please contact me if you’d like me to give a talk on astronomy!